Easy online shopping thanks to Calligo and Smoothy 🛍
07/05/2019 - pages/article.reading_minutes

Easy online shopping thanks to Calligo and Smoothy 🛍

Last week, Calligo joined the early access program of Smoothy.

Calligo is a Belgian software development company, focused on offering custom made webshops for SMEs to accelerate their online business. In order to deliver their customers the best/fastest service possible, they built a generic shopping platform that enables them to quickly scaffold new webshops. Based on the wishes of their customers, the Calligo team builds a custom layer on top of the platform to incorporate their customer's branding and additional needs.

The platform consists of two main parts, the actual webshop and an administation panel for the staff of the online business. Behind the scenes, both the webshop and the administation panel are using the client-server architecture. The client-side of both applications is a Single-Page Application written in Vue.js, in combination with ElementUI. The utility-first CSS framework Tailwind was used for styling. For the server-side of their applications they opted for Spring Boot.

Although their product is top notch, Calligo was missing one essential piece of the puzzle. Since they are a small team focussed on building software rather than managing servers, they did not have the required in-house expertise to setup a secure and scalable cloud environment to deploy their webshops. For this reason, Calligo turned to Smoothy and asked if we could facilitate the deployment of their webshops using our cloud platform.

Given the diverse tech stack of the Calligo platform, the first thing we did was help them adopt Docker in their workflow. For this, Smoothy worked closely together with the Calligo team and adviced them on the configuration of their Docker files to yield the best possible results. After this, we gave them a little introduction to our cloud platform and only minutes later they had their first fully configured DigitalOcean server up and running.

Subsequently, the developers from Calligo used our application catalog to setup and configure a MySQL database in a matter of clicks. To deploy their applications, they leveraged the power of Smoothy's CI/CD pipelines to automate the process of building Docker images and rolling them out as containers onto their server. Now, whenever they push a code change to their git repository, an automatic deployment follows. To top it all off, our cloud platform provides them with free TLS certificates and a 24/7 uptime monitor that enables them to detect issues with their webshops before their customers do.

Thanks to Smoothy, the Calligo team is now able to get their webshops online in a matter of minutes, and most importantly, without having to become DevOps experts themselves.


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