Detect issues before your clients do

Stop worrying about your application’s health. Smoothy keeps an eye on how it's doing and will hit you up when disaster strikes. Our in-depth error reports then help you identify the issue in no time.

Uptime monitoring

There are many reasons an online application can become unavailable. When this occurs, software developers usually depend on the goodwill of their application's users to report the problem. However, this can take a while, resulting in possible damage to the business it serves. In order to help developers stay on top of their game, Smoothy's monitor feature checks every five minutes from different locations in the world whether their applications are still up and running. If not, it will send out an error report over email or Slack, so the software developer can intervene within minutes.

No stone left unturned

Knowing when an application is unavailable is critical to any business, but it is only half the battle. Software developers also want to know the cause of the problem and resolve it quickly. That is why Smoothy leaves no stone left unturned and monitors besides uptime also several other crucial aspects of the application.

TLS certificate

TLS certificates are an essential part of every online application. Without a valid certificate, an application is prone to hackers and will be marked nonsecure by modern web browsers. Although issuing a certificate has become more accessible nowadays, keeping that green lock in the browser is still hard.

If a software developer does not renew its TLS certificates in time, they can expire, their chain of trust can become invalid or they use outdated technology. To protect the application's users from malicious activity, Smoothy validates the TLS certificate of the application every 5 minutes and hits the software developer up when a problem occurs.

Mixed content

Continuing on the topic of TLS certificates, for a page to be considered secure by modern web browsers, the HTML, JavaScript, images and other resources must be loaded exclusively over the HTTPS protocol. When one or more of the resources is loaded over an insecure HTTP connection, the webpage contains mixed content.

These nonsecure resources pose a serious security risk for the application's users and will completely mess up their user experience. To protect an application against mixed content, Smoothy investigates every webpage twice a day and reports all mixed content it finds.

Broken links

After a few updates, certain links in an application might point to pages that do not exist anymore. The same thing happens when the application links to an external web page in a blog post for example, and some time later, the page is removed.

These issues arise beyond the control of software developers, but make their applications look outdated. To help developers tie up these loose ends, Smoothy investigates all the links on their application twice a day and reports all the broken ones it finds.

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