Easy online shopping thanks to Calligo and Smoothy 🛍

May 7, 2019

The customer

Calligo is a Belgian software development company focussed on building custom webshops for SMEs. To offer their customers the fastest service possible, they built a generic shopping platform that enables them to quickly scaffold new webshops. The Calligo team then builds for each customer a customization layer on top of the platform to incorporate the customer's branding and additional needs.

The situation

The shopping platform consists of two applications: the actual webshop and an administration panel. Both applications comprise the client-server architecture. The client-side of both applications is a Single-Page Application (SPA) written in the JavaScript framework Vue.js, in combination with the component library ElementUI. The utility-first CSS framework Tailwind CSS is used for styling. The server-side of both applications is a RESTful application, implemented using the Java-based framework Spring Boot. The data of both applications is stored in a shared MySQL 8 database.

Since Calligo is a small team focussed on building software, they do not have the required in-house expertise to set up a secure and scalable cloud environment to deploy their webshops. For this reason, they turned to Smoothy.

The solution

The first thing we did was Dockerize the different components of the Calligo platform. For this, we worked closely together with the Calligo team to make sure that all the needs of their applications were answered. Next, we gave the team a short introduction to our cloud platform and helped them integrate their GitHub account and preferred cloud provider with Smoothy. After that, the team at Calligo was able to continue the journey on their own.

In a matter of minutes, they were able to set up an automatic Continuous Deployment pipeline for their git repositories and build their code into Docker images.

Next, they spun up a fully configured DigitalOcean server and created a project for their first customer "H&B mode".

Finally, they rolled our their newly created Docker images to their server and installed a MySQL database in a matter of clicks using our application catalog.

The result

Thanks to Smoothy, the Calligo team is now able to get their new webshops online in a matter of minutes. They can benefit from modern cloud technologies, without having to become cloud experts themselves. And with our automated CD pipelines, they can iterate on the feedback of their customers much faster than before.

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