Scale your SaaS application to any number of users

Scaling an application while keeping it fast and reliable is hard.
Smoothy helps you do so, without breaking a sweat.

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Generate a deployment plan for your application

Through a point-and-click interface, you describe the architecture of your SaaS application: which services it consists of and how they interact with each other. Smoothy then translates this information into a deployment plan and commits it to your Git repository.

Set up cloud services at your provider of choice

Through the interface of Smoothy, you rent Kubernetes clusters and managed databases from your cloud providers of choice. Smoothy then configures these cloud services for you, so they can be used to securely and reliably run your SaaS application.

Put your cloud services on autopilot

Smoothy takes care of everyday maintenance tasks for you. From replacing a failing server to restarting an unresponsive service. It even takes care of software upgrades, so you're always running the most stable and secure software to date.

Release your application with a simple Git push

Smoothy integrates seamlessly with your Git provider and CI tool of choice. Only minutes after you merge a pull request, the new version of your SaaS application incrementally rolls out to your servers. All without any downtime.

Prevent accidentally rolling out a broken release

A simple human error as deleting an environment variable can have disastrous consequences. Smoothy protects you from these mistakes by detecting breaking changes in your deployment plan and preventing their automatic rollout.

Use autoscaling to cope with fluctuating demands

Smoothy automatically replicates your SaaS application to cope with fluctuating demands. It ensures the correct functioning of your application during traffic spikes and minimizes your cloud cost during holidays and weekends.

Get insights into the health of your applications

Smoothy continuously checks the health and resource usage of your SaaS application. It provides insights into its workload and monitors the uptime and response time of your endpoints.

Analyze application behavior using centralized logs

Smoothy gives you direct insights into the behavior of your SaaS application. It collects the logs of all your services and lets you inspect them right from your browser.

Securely expose your applications to the www

Smoothy securely exposes your SaaS application to the World Wide Web. It helps you configure your DNS records, renews your TLS certificates, and load balances incoming requests between one or more versions of your application.

Quickly triage issues when time is ticking

Whenever Smoothy detects a disruption in your SaaS application, it immediately notifies you via your favorite communication channel. After that, it helps you triage the issue in no time by providing you with a bird's eye view of all the unhealthy parameters.

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