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February 24, 2020

Smoothy continuously keeps an eye on how your image builds, deployments and applications are doing. Whenever it detects an anomaly, it decides whether or not the event requires your attention and if so, it sends you a notification.

Rather than having to check your team's notifications page to stay up to date on anomalies, you can integrate Smoothy into your current workflow and receive notifications via email. This tutorial walks you step-by-step through the process of setting up an email notification channel.

The tutorial assumes that:

  1. You are already familiar with the concept of notifications and notification channels

Create an email notification channel #

To create a new notification channel, you should head over to your team's integration page. This is accessible via the button in the right upper corner of Smoothy, as shown in the screenshot below.

Team navigation

The notification channels section is located at the bottom of the integrations page. Hover the button in the upper right corner of the notification channels table and click Add channel.

Notification channels

Next, a modal will appear, similar to the one in the screenshot below. In this modal, you have to select for which channel you would like to set up an integration. Given the focus of this tutorial, this should be Email.

You also need to select the minimum priority for the notifications that you want to receive over this notification channel. To illustrate this, if you assign the priority warning to your notification channel, you will only receive notifications that have a warning priority or higher one via this channel.


In contrast to the other notification channels, you can only receive Error and Emergency notifications via an email notification channel.

Finally, you can specify a name for your notification channel. By default, Smoothy fills out this field for you so you can leave it untouched. However, if you have multiple email notification channels, you can assign each of them a distinctive name.

Add email notification channel

In the next step of the process, you need to specify the email address on which you want to receive the notifications of Smoothy.


You can use a personal email address such as, or a service email address such as that can be used by multiple people.

Add email notification channel

Your new email notification channel should now appear on your team's integrations page and new notifications with the right priority will automatically arrive in your mailbox.

Where to go from here? #

Now that you have created an email notification channel, you may also want to add one of the other supported notification channels. You can do so by following along with one of these tutorials.

Michiel Kempen

Michiel Kempen

A passionate cloud engineer who helps software companies adopt modern cloud technologies through an intelligent all-in-one cloud platform called Smoothy.