Get valuable insights into your applications

Smoothy combines real-time performance metrics, in-depth health check reports, and a built-in log viewer with a convenient and reliable notification system. All these tools help you stay up-to-date about any critical event and allow you to resolve issues in no time.

Docker server

Real-time performance metrics

An important part of hosting an application is understanding how much resources it consumes from your server. Based on the real-time performance metrics that are available in our cloud platform, you can anticipate on shortages in computation power, memory, storage space, or bandwidth, and easily select the optimal server capacity for your application.

Automatic health checks

Our cloud platform verifies the health of both your servers and applications every 5 minutes. Whenever a check turns out unhealthy, a notification is sent to your favorite notification channel. This way, you stay up-to-date about any critical event and notice problems before your customers do. Our detailed health check reports then help you identify and resolve the root cause of the issue in no time.

Supported notification channels
Email Slack Webhook
Health check

Built-in log viewer

Rather than having to dive deep into your terminal to check the server logs of your application, you can easily debug any problem by inspecting your application logs, right from our cloud platform.
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Why companies work with Smoothy

Dozens of forward-looking software developers, digital agencies, and SMEs are already working with Smoothy to get valuable insights into their applications. We asked them why they choose for Smoothy and this is what they value most.

With the automatic health checks and real-time performance metrics, you detect problems with your servers and applications proactively. This saves you from a lot of trouble as you can intervene before your customers are impacted.

The notification system of Smoothy keeps you 24/7 up to date on any important event that occurs on your servers and applications. This gives you peace of mind when you are away from your computer.
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