Deploy any application-stack in the cloud

Smoothy allows you to easily obtain servers and managed Kubernetes clusters from your favorite cloud provider, configure them automatically, and install any application stack on them with just a few clicks of a button. All this happens via a user-friendly web interface, designed for software developers.

Automatically set up and configure cloud servers

Through the interface of Smoothy, you can easily obtain a server or a managed Kubernetes cluster from your cloud provider of choice. Smoothy takes care of the entire interaction with your cloud provider and configures your servers based on years of experience and established best practices. We handle all the complexity such as security, access management, networking, data storage, and monitoring, so you don't have to.

Supported cloud providers
DigitalOcean Linode Hetzner
Docker server

Keep full ownership of your cloud servers

Smoothy is an intelligent platform that bridges the gap between you and your cloud provider. However, you retain full ownership over your servers at all times and can always step away from Smoothy. In addition, Smoothy operates completely transparent and every action is logged in real-time.

Install your application stack with only a few clicks

With our catalog of popular applications, you can install your application stack on your servers with only a few clicks of a button. Each of the applications is carefully preconfigured by our cloud experts and comes with an easy-to-use interface. In addition, if you know the basics of Docker, you can install any application for which a Docker image exists.

Supported applications
Docker image Laravel Vue.js HTML Ghost MySQL Redis
Screenshot Smoothy

Serve your applications over secure HTTPS

TLS certificates are an essential part of modern online applications. Without a valid certificate, your application is prone to hackers and is marked nonsecure by web browsers. Smoothy takes care of the entire installation and renewal process of free TLS certificates and ensures that your application is served over a secure https:// connection.

Manage your application's data

A crucial part of migrating an application and releasing new features is making sure your data stays consistent and safe. With Smoothy, backing up, restoring, and managing your data in the cloud is as easy as on your local machine.

Image preset

Why companies work with Smoothy

Dozens of forward-looking software developers, digital agencies, and SMEs are already working with Smoothy to deploy their application-stacks in the cloud in minutes. We asked them why they choose for Smoothy and this is what they value most.

In order to host your application in the cloud, you need to learn and stay on top of many new technologies. With Smoothy, instead of spending weeks learning, you can focus on your core business from day 1.

If you don't want to spend weeks learning all the in's and out's of the cloud yourself, our cloud platform is an affordable alternative for the expensive external consultant you would otherwise have to hire.

In contrast to other hosting solutions, Smoothy supports any application-stack. This way you prevent technology lock-in and can always use the best and newest technologies.

Rather than having to dive deep into your terminal to manage your servers and applications, you can do all this and more through an easy-to-use web interface, built for software developers.
A selection of our happy customers

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