One unified way to set up cloud servers

Through our cloud platform, you can easily obtain servers and managed Kubernetes clusters from your cloud providers of choice. Smoothy handles all the interaction with the cloud provider for you so you enjoy one unified way of setting up servers, regardless of their underlying provider.

Supported cloud providers
DigitalOcean Linode Hetzner
Docker server

Manage all your servers via one central interface

Our cloud platform gives you a bird's eye overview of all your servers, spread across different cloud providers. Configuring, managing, and monitoring your servers, as well as installing applications, are all done via one central interface.
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Why companies work with Smoothy

Dozens of forward-looking software developers, digital agencies, and SMEs are already working with Smoothy to combine the best services from different cloud providers. We asked them why they choose for Smoothy and this is what they value most.

The unified way of setting up and managing deployments enables you to easily switch between cloud providers. This way you prevent vendor lock-in and expensive provider migrations in the future.

With our cloud platform, you can easily combine multiple cloud providers. This way you decide for every project again which cloud provider fits your budget, geographical location, and resource requirements best.

Having one centralized interface to manage your entire cloud environment helps you keep an overview of all your projects and drastically improves your productivity.
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