Automate your deployment process

Our cloud platform automatically builds every new version of your application code into a Docker image and rolls it out to your servers. This increases your productivity and helps you build better software.

Build your application code into a Docker image

Easily build your application code into a Docker image. You can bring your own Dockerfile or use one of our carefully designed templates. Each template contains all the necessary runtime dependencies required by your programming language or framework, is secured to stop attackers in their tracks, and is optimized to handle every request in a blink of an eye.

Supported languages and frameworks
Docker image Laravel Vue.js HTML
Image preset

Release a new version with a single git push

Smoothy integrates seamlessly with your git provider of choice. This way, every time you push a new version of your application code to git, Smoothy automatically triggers a new image build. The output of the build process can be inspected in real-time and when the build has finished, the new version of your application is automatically rolled out to your servers.

Supported git providers
Github Bitbucket Gitlab
Screenshot Smoothy

Why companies work with Smoothy

Dozens of forward-looking software developers, digital agencies, and SMEs are already working with Smoothy to automate their entire deployment process. We asked them why they choose for Smoothy and this is what they value most.

Releasing a new version of your application is a tedious and time-consuming task. Smoothy eliminates this obstacle entirely and allows you to spend all your time on building better software.

By automating your entire deployment process, you release new versions of your application faster, accelerate the feedback loop with your customers, and as a result deliver better software.
A selection of our happy customers

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