Scale your SaaS application to any number of users

Scaling an application while keeping it fast and reliable is hard.
Smoothy helps you do so, without breaking a sweat.


The promise of every SaaS business

The promise of every SaaS business is a fast and reliable service. But as the user base of your application grows, keeping this promise becomes increasingly difficult.


Because, your Heroku dyno doesn't cut it anymore. But moving your application to a highly available cloud environment requires a whole new field of expertise.


Because, the architecture and technology stack you initially chose to get your application to market, is not suited to handle workloads of a whole other magnitude.


Because, releasing new features becomes a slow and terrifying process, in which even the smallest human error can lead to a major outage.


Because, the increasing number of moving parts in your application makes it hard to shield your reputation from any disruptions.

Scale your SaaS application with Smoothy

Smoothy is an opinionated DevOps tool designed for developers. It combines years of experience managing large-scale cloud applications with lots of automation to help you scale your SaaS application without breaking a sweat.


Build on a decade of cloud expertise

Smoothy empowers you to take full advantage of the cloud, without having to hire an expensive consultant. It automates your daily operations and abstracts all the complexity of the cloud through a graphical interface, designed for developers.


Optimize your application for scale

Smoothy facilitates the transition from a monolithic application to a distributed system of microservices. It lets you choose the best technology stack for every service, without having to deal with the added complexity.


Release new features with confidence

Smoothy helps you ship fewer bugs by promoting continuous delivery. It automates your entire release process, detects breaking changes in your deployment plan, and facilitates instant rollbacks if things go wrong.


Stay on top of your game

Smoothy keeps an eye on your application 24/7 and is able to recognize potential problems in advance. It keeps you up to date about any notable event and helps you triage issues when time is ticking.

Great developer experience

You don't need to learn any new technologies to use Smoothy, nor does it require any foreknowledge about DevOps or cloud. And it won't negatively affect your workflow, as Smoothy seamlessly integrates with the tools and technologies you're already using today.

No human could ever keep track of 108 services spread across half a dozen servers. But Smoothy can. It keeps our business running at peak performance and helps me sleep at night. Knowing that I have an extra pair of eyes watching over my shoulder.
Rainer Hall

Rainer Hall

Co-founder and CTO at Kontrol

At our previous hosting provider our tech stack was limited to PHP and MySQL. With Smoothy we can now use whatever technology we want. This opened the door to many new possibilities, including leveraging Python's machine learning capabilities in our Laravel app.
Pieter Meijer

Pieter Meijer

Lead developer at Hr Atlas

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