Automagically deploy Docker servers

Smoothy eliminates all the complexity of setting up and maintaining Docker servers, while automating processes like issueing TLS certificates, and deploying applications.

Deploy with a single "git push"

Transferring the source code of an application to a server is a repetitive task that slows down development. To increase the productivity of software developers, Smoothy offers a fully automated CI/CD pipeline. This way developers just have push their code to GitHub, Bitbucket or Gitlab, and Smoothy handles it from there.

Continuous integration pipeline

After every git push, the docker image of the application is automatically build. If the build fails, the software developer can easily debug the process by looking at the live build output. Once the build succeeds, a set of unit and integration tests can be automatically run. Only when these tests pass, the application progressively rolls out to the server.

Automatic TLS certificates

As soon as an endpoint is created for an application, Smoothy issues a free automatically renewed TLS certificate for the domain. The endpoint's port on the server is secured with an automatically configured firewall.

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