Meet Smoothy

A Belgium based innovative tech startup, bridging the gab between software developers and the cloud.

Our mission

Smoothy helps software developers deliver their best work by letting them focus on building great applications rather than spending their time on managing servers.

Our vision

Software developers can get their applications online, without the need of any specific expertise and in a minimal amount of time.

Michiel Kempen, Founder & CEO

Michiel Kempen is the architect of the company’s vision, and together with several partners and a network of advisors, the driving force behind Smoothy. For any press enquiries, you can contact him on [email protected].

Michiel Kempen
From the age of seven, Michiel has been passionate about two things: technology and entrepreneurship. During his youth, he started several businesses, became one of Belgium’s most-known event photographers, later shifted his focus to IT, and onboarded customers as the Fire Department in Belgium. In 2017 and 2018 he won the award of student-entrepreneur in Limburg, and ended in the national finale respectively on the fourth and third place. During 2018, he was selected to join Start it @KBC, Belgium’s biggest accelerator program. Next to his entrepreneurial career, he is currently in the final year of his master's degree in computer science at the university of Hasselt.
Marie Van den Broeck Corda Incubator Unizo Startit @KBC UHasselt