Turn back time as if nothing ever happened

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By far the most precious resource of an online application and a modern company in general is its data. Losing this data has almost always a destructive effect on the business it serves. Therefore, software developers have to take extensive precautions to make sure that under no circumstances the data of an application can be lost or corrupted.

In order to make applications more secure, Smoothy's backup feature enables software developers to easily backup any of their data stores and lock away the backups safely on different locations in the world. This, however, does only solve part of the problem.

The other part of the problem is that restoring data using a backup is a complex and error-prone process. When not executed carefully, this process can still cause a lot of damage. In order to ensure consistently restored data, Smoothy’s backup feature comes with a point-and-click restore option that enable software developers to restore their backups in a matter of clicks.


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