The missing link between software developers and the cloud

Deliver your best work by building amazing applications
rather than spending time on managing servers.


Enter a new world of efficiency and automation

Smoothy automates all the complex processes of deploying, monitoring and backing up online applications. By offering this functionality through an easy-to-use interface, we enable software developers to transform their source code into an online application, without the need of any specific expertise and in a minimal amount of time.


Granny-proof redundancy for online applications

Online applications are prone to a lot of issues. As a software developer, permanently having to be standby to start Googling how to fix an issue using technologies that you are not completely comfortable with, is tedious and stressful. Therefore, Smoothy automates as much of this work as possible and abstracts all the complexity so that every member of a development team is able to get their applications back up and running when an issue occurs.


Reduce operational costs

Spend minutes instead of days to get your application online.


Increase productivity

Focus on building amazing applications rather than managing your servers.


Enjoy peace of mind

Detect issues before your clients do, and resolve them in an instant.

What others say about us

At Smoothy we love our customers, but is this love mutual? Well, read what the digital agencies, tech startups and governments who joined our early access program have to say about us.

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