The missing link between software developers and the cloud

The all-in-one cloud platform to deploy, monitor,
and backup online applications at any scale.


An all-in-one platform to deploy applications at any scale

Getting an application in the cloud is a complex process of setting up servers, configuring networks, securing valuable data and ensuring redundancy in case of a disaster. Consequently, it has become real craftsmanship to keep up with the current hosting standards in our rapidly changing IT landscape.

Smoothy relieves software developers of this tedious and error-prone task, by providing them with an intelligent all-in-one cloud platform to deploy, monitor, and backup online applications at any scale. The platform combines all the necessary data and features a developer needs within a single online tool, it leverages its intelligent engine to automate as much of the work as possible, and it offers all this through a granny-proof interface.


An end-to-end solution for forward-looking teams

It is Smoothy's mission to help software developers deliver their best work. Discover how our cloud platform impacts the way software developers work, and how it gives them a competitive edge.


Reduce operational costs

Smoothy eliminates the need for specialized DevOps engineers in software teams. Thanks to its intelligent engine and its granny-proof interface, it enables all software developers to get their applications online, without the need of any specific expertise.


Increase productivity

By incorporating Smoothy in their workflow, software developers have to spend minutes instead of days on setting up and managing their online applications. This opens up their schedule to focus on the things that matter most to them and to their customers, namely building great applications.


Prevent vendor lock-in

Renting servers from different cloud providers usually implies having to use different control panels on different websites. Smoothy eliminates this nuisance by enabling software developers to rent and manage their servers from different world-leading cloud providers all through one and the same easy-to-use interface.


Enjoy peace of mind

Smoothy monitors all the crucial aspects of an application and reports any unusual event. Whenever an issue occurs, rather than having to dive knee-deep in 5 different tools trying to locate the problem, Smoothy provides software developers a detailed analysis of the entire system.

What our early adopters say about Smoothy

At Smoothy we love software developers, but is this love mutual? Well, read what the digital agencies, tech startups and governments who joined our early access program have to say about our cloud platform.

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